South West Granite And Glass - Southwest Granite and Glass Brad Goldsmith owner and former Ducana Windows, Doors Sales Manager

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Mr.Brad Goldsmith, keep telling the lies.

Funny how the truth eventually reveals itself about you and your money grubbing schemes. I bet the farm that you got to this point in life by initially selling Kirby Vacuums door to door as a teen hoping to atleast ripoff a 1/2 dozen blue haired old ladies a week back in the day. May the karma police lock you down & face your scamming ways.

Go on about your whining pleads of innocence. I really hope the enlightened general public run your chiseling a$$ right out of Chatham Kent.

Buzz off and get a legit job you ***.

Quit trying to get ahead by preying on the sweat equity of others.You're a real shlep Goldsmith and should be ashamed of tarnishing your Fathers surname.

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